Exceptional Carpet Supplier In Qatar

You might have probably noticed us as the best carpet supplier in Qatar. Our carpet comes in a span of patterns, shapes, and textures. We have taken a considerable role in several makeovers using our carpets as an exceptional carpet supplier in Qatar. We submit a great collection of carpets with feather touches, finishing touches, and luxurious appearance, specifically for indoors, exclusively for the outdoors, etc.

Our floor carpets are exceptional in different aspects, including the pile type, thickness, weight, and fibers used. We make all unique and stylish floor carpets at the best affordable price. With fast supply and perfect laying, we give charming premium designs to the rooms just by floor covers. That too at lesser prices.

The three standard styles of carpets we supply are cut pile, looped pile, and cut-loop pile. We speak favorably of the perfect one from our outstanding collection for rooms in your homes, offices, or outdoors.

Three Must-Know Carpet Styles


The cut pile carpet varieties and style are known for being long-lasting, which makes it the best fit for high-traffic areas. High-density carpet fibers are warped together in their making process. Hence offer much diversity in prettiness. It is possible to make them from smooth velvet and rough shag alike. They are common in plush and frieze fabrics also. Adding modernism to conventional shag carpets is the technique to make frieze carpets. They usually have a high-height pile. But, still are possible to make in the cut pile technique. They resist the wear and indentation marks from footprints.

  • Loop Pile

Loop pile carpets are also perfect for high-traffic areas. Only loops will be visible in the main facet because the tips of fibers hide in the bound. These carpets are best suited for public places within a home rather than in private rooms. They possess a tight bound technique, serve long without damage, and are popular as office carpets. The making method is the reason for their high permanence feature.

  • Cut Loop Pile

They are simply a fusion of cut pile and loop pile. The assembly of their attributes will result in floor covers with a more beautiful and workable surface texture and finish. It is possible to incorporate multiple colors onto them. An interesting fact is that cut-loop pile carpets radiate oneness that the other two types cannot impart by possessing their features.