Make Smarter Your Windows With Motorized Blinds In Qatar

Motorized Blinds assure more safety and security along with beauty and convenient operability. They become unavoidable when you have more shades to open and close daily. They stand for simplicity and saving energy alike. Inserting motorized blinds for the tall windows and windows out of your reach would also be a wise decision.

Each time it may not be convenient to drag the blinds to allow light and view. Sometimes, Window Blinds may not cooperate with the manual operation as well. They may break your comfort by not moving as intended over the rod. But, a shade with the technique of motorization will not. The incomparable ease they offer with advanced technology is the reason behind the wide acceptance from residential to public places.

They can carry all the qualities of ordinary blinds, radiate elegance, ensure insulation, promise privacy, etc. The automation adds advantages by enabling the operation with taps and touches. Electric shades also stand with your luxury home concepts as the best companion.Motorized Blinds

Galaxy And Somfy Motors For Blinds In Qatar​

Creative Vision uses the best motors for each of our Motorized Blinds in Qatar. With five years of warranty, they offer long convenient service. These motors have unavoidable roles in making a room luxurious and granting unparalleled ease of operation. They have already helped many customers in Qatar to make their homes more pleasing and to share quality time with dear ones by letting them operate the privacy-granting shades with a touch or tap.

  • Galaxy Motors​

They are best regarding power, speed, ampere, torque, etc. A velocity of 28 resolution per minute is somewhat best for a curtain motor. The best part is that they can use for outdoor window covering also. 110V motors and 220V motors are available as per the client’s requirements.

  • Somfy Motors​

One can enjoy the most of an automated home with our blinds with these motors. With the programming option, they deliver more comfort. The Wi-Fi-enabled operability enriches the optimum use of time and peace of mind in many situations. If you use window coverings with these motors with five years of warranty, even your smartphone can use as a controlling device. There is nothing more to add to the ease other than that.